Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers
Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers
Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers
Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers
Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers
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Feng Shui Taoist Amulet/Talisman Phone Stickers

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About Chinese Taois Talisman/Amulet

  • The Feng Shui Taoist Talisman/Amulet is very powerful and brings good luck. It can withstand all kinds of bad energy to overcome obstacles, realize your wishes and eliminate worries. For illustrations, can be used to invoke gods, deities, protect a household, improve your business, attract wealth, enhance relationship, cursed or hex an enemy, dispelled sorcery, activating good "Chi", dissolve a bone lodged on throat, arrest bleedings, prevent burglary, prenatal protection, etc...
  • The Feng Shui Taoist Talisman/Amulets with various Taoist runes printed on it symbolize auspiciousness and wealth. Complex and solemn runes symbolize the longevity and wisdom of Taoism and Asian art.
  • In Chinese culture, different Feng Shui Taoist Talisman/Amulets are usually drawn for various purposes. Each practitioners from different lineages of Taoist schools has their own way of drawing talismans, activating talismans, rituals to perform, and their form of talismans which is usually handed down from their past lineage of teachers. These may comprises of various Mantras, Mudras (hand gestures), rituals, and invocation to empower and bless these talismans.
  • This Feng Shui Taoist Talisman/Amulet can help you get lucky, but to really get better, it can be a practical and beautiful gift to yourself, your family and friends, which will really make you better and better.
  • All our Taoist Talisman/Amulets have been blessed by Taoist Priests through Kai Guang ritual. To know more about Kai Guang, please see our blog: https://thepalacedream.com/blogs/news/what-is-kai-guang-amulet

Typical Examples the Money Magnet Talisman solve:

  •  Improve Your Luck In Striking Lottery
  • Unsuspected Monetary Gain
  • Sudden Windfall
  • Success In Business Ventures
  • Free From Financial Difficulty
  • Remove Negative Energy From Body

The Power of Anti-Villain Spell Talisman:

"Anti-Villain Spell" is a powerful talisman to protect Yourself from any bad evil moves that might come your way from colleagues or folks who secretly want to harm You or hope for Your downfall.


  • Love Rival - Someone snatched away Your boyfriend / girlfriend
  • A person (Your friend or someone You know) who wronged You
  • General Villains are a group of people potentially harmful to You. Examples: 1) Your competitors in business; 2) Your colleagues might overtake Your promotion in Your job; 3) Your colleagues who love to back-stab You or talk bad about You to the boss

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