Two-Tone Gold & Copper Plated Peony Flower Bracelet
Two-Tone Gold & Copper Plated Peony Flower Bracelet
The Palace Dream

Two-Tone Gold & Copper Plated Peony Flower Bracelet

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About peony flower:

Along with the plum blossom, it is a traditional floral symbol of China, where the Paeonia suffruticosa is called (mǔdān). It is also known as "flower of riches and honor" or "king of the flowers", and is used symbolically in Chinese art. Peony symbolizes lust and romance, happy marriage and good luck. The bouquet bouquets are considered a sign of happiness when entering marriage and are therefore a common choice for weddings. The flower of the bouquet is often the 12th wedding decoration in the wedding bouquet.

 Peony flower has long been used as a symbol for love and romance, and this symbol is often considered a metaphor for a woman’s laziness. The image of the goddess is not recommended for older couples in the bedroom, due to possible adventures with younger women.


  • Vacuum plating/hydraulic/inlaid magnet


  • The total circumference is about 17cm and the width is about 9.4mm

 Package Includes:

1 x(New Edition) Two-tone gold &copper plated peony flower bracelet with our brand jewel case