What is Obsidian?

Obsidian is a common black gemstone and volcanic lava. It is a naturally occurring gemstone. It is usually black. It also has different colors such as red, blue and green. Obsidian has been used as feng shui jewelry and amulets for a long time.

The main component of obsidian is silica, which is the same as glass. But obsidian is naturally formed. Therefore, some obsidian jewelry of poor quality usually uses artificial glass instead of naturally generated obsidian.

The magnetic field energy of obsidian is calm and tranquil, which helps to enhance the circulation of blood in the body. At the same time, obsidian can not only avoid the interference of negative energy, but also remove the unpleasant musty smell. It is a very good guardian stone.People who work outside for a long time or whose work is dangerous or even endanger their lives are suitable for wearing obsidian. Obsidian can be used as a talisman to protect your safety. After resisting various disasters or bad luck, the effect of obsidian will be exhausted, and the color may be changed or broken. You should not wear it anymore. 

Obsidian can also enhance vitality, restore people's mental and physical strength, and have a good balance effect on office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains. Wearing obsidian can make people relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. And it can enhance the charisma of leaders.

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