Five Feng Shui Tips When You Purchase a House!!!

Because of the cultural differences between China and the United States, the constructor usually didn’t consider feng shui related factors at the beginning of the construction. In addition, feng shui-related arguments are very vast and complicated. So, when you want to buy a house, you can check the following feng shui factors and use it as a guide. 

1. Which direction the house is facing

Yin and Yang orientation: It’s best if the Yang faces southeast and the Yin faces northwest. So, the house will be warm in winter and cool in summer. The energy flow  inside the house will be smooth too. 

See if there is a straight bridge or road in front of the main entrance. This type of location will create “Spear Sha” in feng shui, which is bad for the house owner.  

See if the street in front of the door is curved and if it is curved. In feng shui, this kind of house is called "scythe cut at the waist". Such a house is not a good choice.

2. House Layout

You should consider buying houses that have a rectangular or square layout. Because this will make it more convenient for you to decorate your house, and reduce the waste of space. At the same time, this layout of the house also makes air circulation more easy and usually has better daylighting.

From the perspective of feng shui, the unsquare or strange shape of the house will have an impact on the fortune and will bring disasters. Therefore, angular houses, triangular T-shaped houses, etc. are usually not a good choice.

3. Light

Light is also a very important consideration for buying a house. From the perspective of feng shui, sunlight is the source of life, which means positive and upward. The lack of sunlight can lead to a gloomy mood and affect health. You should choose a house with good sunlight, which can keep a good mood for the owner of the house. 

4. Surroundings

Observe the shapes of plants such as flowers, trees, and other plants. If the plants grow in odd shape and very messy, that may means the land have weak feng shui energy. If the plant grows very nice and beautiful, then it means good luck and can bring wealth to the house owner. 

Feng Shui of houses built on slopes is also problematic. You should choose houses built on flat ground.

5. Structure

The front door and the back door cannot be in the same straight line, which will affect the fortune. 

The house has beams located in the center of the house, dividing the most core area into two, which will affect the feng shui and need to be avoided.

After the main entrance is opened, the stairs leading to the second floor should not go straight to the main entrance, otherwise it will leak wealth.

The internal layout of the kitchen and the cooking place cannot face the sink, otherwise it will affect the harmony of the family and the couple.

If the bedroom is on the second floor, it should not be above the garage, which will affect luck and family harmony.

Feng Shui is a metaphysics with a very long history, with many ways. When you want to buy your own house, you should not over-interpret or be fettered by feng shui, because the most important thing is to follow your heart.

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