In Household Feng Shui, What Items Can Bring Good Luck After Being Discarded?

In feng shui, the environment determines luck. Feng Shui originally refers to the instruction to be able to change luck. It is the knowledge that one can improve one's luck through the power of qi. The basic neatness of Feng Shui also has a decisive influence on fortune.

1. Dispose of old shoes that fill up the shoe cabinet

Please throw away those shoes that you haven't worn for more than 3 years. Because shoes are stepped on the feet and track alot bad qi. If you place old shoes in a mess at the door, good luck will be kicked out of the door by these shoes.

2. Change your luck and start with underwear

Please remember that the life span of underwear is about one year. When disposing of, wrap the underwear with paper before putting it in the garbage bag. Please try to discard it on a sunny day.

3. Identify the luck of the gift giver

If you receive a gift from a lucky person, it will become a tool to increase your luck and can be placed in a prominent place in your home. On the other hand, if you receive a gift from a person with bad luck, it is not recommended to display it in your home. If the gift is precious, you can sell it on the internet. 

4. Dispose of the old New Year's card before the New Year

Last year’s New Year’s card cannot be kept for a long time. New Year's cards can be discarded directly.,It is recommended to place red bouquets in the entrance or living room of your home on the day of disposal.

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