What Are The Five Elements Of Feng Shui?

The five elements of feng shui are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Feng Shui believes that the universe is composed of the above five elements. The cycle of changes of the five elements drives the operation of the entire universe and at the same time affects the fate of people at all times. Feng Shui uses the five elements to explain the interaction between various qi. 

The five elements can generate each other, whereas they prevail over each other. The changes of these five elements dominate the laws of all things in the universe. In addition, these five elements are also divided into yin and yang. The “Wood”, “Fire” are yang. The “Gold” and “Water” are yin. Through the element “Earth”, a cycle of generate and prevail is formed. Yin and yang and the five elements are called "the theory of yin and yang and the five elements".  This is the basis of Feng Shui.

  1. The Generation in Five Elements

Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, and Water generates Wood. The above is the generation cycle of five elements.

  1. Wood generates Fire

In ancient times, in order to get fire, the most primitive and easiest way was to drill wood to make fire. 

  1. Fire generates Earth

If a substance burns, what is left is ashes, and the ashes will become soil. Wood generates fire and fire generates earth is the true natural principle.

  1. Earth generates Metal

Minerals and metals are mostly buried in the soil, and people dig up the soil to extract the metals. 

  1. Metal generates Water

Metal will melt at high temperature and becomes liquid, that is why metal generates water. Also, when the humidity in the air is high, after the temperature drops, water will be formed on the cold metal surface. 

  1. Water generates Wood

Obviously, the growth of trees is inseparable from water.

III. The Prevail in Five Elements 

Wood prevails Earth, Earth prevails Water, Water prevails Fire, Fire prevails Metal, and Metal prevails Wood. 

  1. Wood prevails Earth

Wood grows on earth. The roots of the tree will break through the soil and take root in it. This is why wood prevails on earth.

  1. Earth prevails Water

Soil can block water flow. When the flood came, the earth-built dam played a role in flood control.

  1. Water prevails Fire

Obviously, water can extinguish the fire.

  1. Fire prevails Metal

Hard metal will melt into liquid in the hot flame.

  1. Metal prevails Wood

Metal axes and saws can chop big trees.

Human destiny is also closely related to these five elements. People can find the corresponding elements according to their birth time. We can choose the feng shui jewelry that suits us according to the elements we belong to. For example, people who belong to the fire element are suitable for feng shui ornaments with wood elements.

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