Feng Shui Array: What Is Pixiu Seven Star Array?

What is the Pixiu seven star array? The seven-star array of Paixiu is to arrange the six Paixiu in an equilateral triangle. It has the function of warding off evil spirits and preventing villains, helping the owner develop wisdom, etc. Now, we will show you how to set up the Pixiu Seven Star Array.

The placement and function of the seven-star array

The Seven Star Array is to place six crystal balls (or feng shui mascots such as small gourd, brave, dragon tortoise, etc.) in two equilateral triangles that are upside down and overlapped. The side length of the triangle is specified as a multiple of seven, and a larger crystal ball is placed in the center to form a "star", which is called the seven-star array. The crystal in the center condenses the energy of the six outer crystals to maximize the effectiveness of the crystal’s magnetic field.

"Seven" is a lucky number, representing the moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Feng Shui believes that placing the seven-star crystal array in a proper place in the house can achieve the best effect of exorcising evil and eliminating calamities, maintaining prosperity, and improving Feng Shui. 

How to find out the location to set up the seven-star array: (stand in the middle of the house and use a compass to set the true north to determine the location), and based on your Chinese Zodiac: 

Rat: true north

Ox: 15 degrees east of north

Tiger: 15 degrees north east

Rabbit: ture east

Dragon: 15 degrees south east

Snake: 15 degrees east of south

Horse: true south

Goat: 15 degrees west of south

Monkey: 15 degrees south west 

Rooster: Ture west

Dog: 15 degrees north west 

Pig: 15 degrees west of north 

The Seven-Star Array of Pixiu has a very powerful effect on warding off evil spirits and recruiting fortune. Placing the Seven-Star Array of Pixiu in the wealth spot can make the bring wealth to the owner.

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