Top 7 Things To Take Notes When Wearing A Pixiu Bracelet

1. The Pixiu Bracelet is best worn with the left hand.

The way of wearing the Pixiu bracelet is left-in and right-out, which means luck enters from the left hand and exits from the right hand. Therefore, when wearing a brave bracelet, it should be worn on the left hand, so that Pixiu can absorb wealth from all directions for the master.

2. The Pixiu Bracelet can also be worn with the right hand.

If you are wearing a black obsidian Pixiu Bracelet, black obsidian has a strong absorbency, which can absorb the negative energies of people. If you are wearing a black obsidian Pixiu Bracelet and want to ward off evil spirits, you should wear it on your right hand at this time, bad luck and negative energies will be eliminated gradually.

3. When wearing a Pixiu Bracelet, Pixiu’s head must be facing your little finger

When wearing a Pixiu Bracelet, Pixiu’s head must be facing your little finger, because this direction is where the Pixiu is inhaling wealth from others. If Pixiu’s head is facing the direction of your thumb, the Pixiu is inhaling is your own wealth. , Not only will not attract wealth for yourself, but also make the you leak money.

4. Avoid blood contamination

When wearing a Pixiu bracelet, blood contamination will contaminate the Pixiu’s ability to attract wealth. If it is contaminated with blood, clean it with water in time.

5. Don't touch Pixiu's mouth and eyes

Pixiu’s eyes are for wealth search, the mouth is for absorbing wealth, so do not touch your Pixiu Bracelet’s mouth and eyes. You can often touch Pixiu’s head and back in order to increase its spirituality.

6. Don’t let other people to touch your Pixiu

Pixiu doesn't like being touched by other people. Pixiu is a beast who recognizes his master, loyally guards his master and recruits fortune. But others’ touch will make Pixiu dislike and affect his ability to attract wealth. If someone else touched your Pixiu, wipe with clean cloth it in time.

7. Pixiu should be worn frequently

Wearing it frequently to keep it recognized by the master. If it is left unused for a long time, it will gradually become unfamiliar with you and lose the ability to attract wealth for you. 

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