4 Symbols Of Wealth In Feng Shui Decoration And The Location They Can Be Put

There are varieties of feng shui decoration can bring people wealthy. Most of the usages are in line with the five elements of Huasha, Wangyun, and urging wealth. Such as dragon turtle, golden toad, pixiu, fortune tree and so on.

#1- Dragon Tortoise

Dragon Tortoise is a kind of Swiss beast. Dragon turtles can urge money when placed in a financial position. It is most effective when placed in a three-sharp position or in a location with heavy water and gas.

Where to place:

  • There are official and wrong, right and wrong, wrongdoers, insolvency, and weak fortune in the home. It is advisable to place dragon turtles in the hall to dispel the evil spirits.
  • Turtles absorb the aura of the heavens, mountains, and rivers, so they live longer. Therefore, it is appropriate to place a turtle-shaped ornament in the bedroom of the elderly to symbolize health and longevity, but it must be noted that the turtle’s head must face the window.

Taboo: Hanging items such as turtle shells or dragon tortoises in the house, as long as you point at the sharp angle of the shot, you can get the effect.

#2 - Golden Money Frog

Gold Money Frog is the best tool for prosperous wealth, with three feet, seven dippers on his back, two strings of copper coins on his mouth, and Taiji ritual on the top of his head.

Where to place: It must have a round basin under it, the basin edge is slightly higher than the toad’s foot, and the color of the basin must not be white.

Taboo: Because it has the ability to spit money, it has become a means of wealth. You can place Gold Money Frog on the financial position or window, or on the porch. Gold Money Frog with money rushes into the house when it is placed. (Spit money), Gold Money Frog who does not have money rushes to the outside of the house. 

#3 – Pixiu

Many Fengshui masters believe in harnessing the extremely beneficial powers of the Pixiu to enhance the fortune of the homeowner.  Come to think of it, even the Macau Casino placed one at their Casino to attract wealth and prevent loss of wealth. Why wouldn’t you? Using a Pixiu to attract wealth wasn’t part of traditional Fengshui. It more likely came from Taoist practices but slowly fused with modern Fengshui.

 Where to place: 

  • Place a silver bowl of jewelry beside/ in between your Pixiu as offering. Use a real sterling silver bowl (I highly recommend using this sterling silver bowl because the results are the best that I’ve worked with) and fill it up with precious jewelry (such as gems, gold and silver). Change the offerings with new gems, gold and silver every year. Do not use cash notes as Pixius are not attracted to paper. If you put coins, you are training your Pixiu to snarl coins for you. If you put fake gold coins, you are training your Pixiu to snarl fake gold for you! Choose your offerings wisely.
  • Other than facing the space outside the main door, you can also have it to face the space outside your windows.
  • You can also consider offering it a joss stick every day to strengthen it so that it has the strength to snarl wealth for you.
  • Once you chose the Pixiu placement spot according to your Bazi, do not change its position or shift it anymore. People born during Spring, could consider using putting your Pixiu at the West or facing the West. People born during Summer, could consider using putting your Pixiu at the North or facing the North. People born during Autumn, could consider using putting your Pixiu at the East or facing the East. People born during Winter, could consider using putting your Pixiu at the South or facing the South.
  • If you need to move it, wrap a piece of red paper or cloth around the Pixiu’s head before moving it.
  • You can pet the Pixiu three times a day to increase your luck. However, you must also practise keeping your thoughts and deeds clean and wholesome before petting it, otherwise petting it would bring you bad luck instead.


  • The Pixiu must never face the main door directly. In Taoism, the main door is also being protected by a guardian spirit therefore, having a Pixiu to face the main door is to create clashes between the two.
  • The Pixiu must never face anyone’s bed. The ability of the Pixiu is to pounce forward aggressively to snarl the wealth energy back to where it’s positioned. A Pixiu facing the bed will unleash nightmares and sleepless nights onto the person who is sleeping on that bed
  • Try not to place a Pixiu near to any mirrors. The main idea is to prevent reflections of the Pixiu in the mirror. The Pixiu is considered as a spiritual being therefore, placing a mirror nearby is almost equivalent to chasing it away.
  • Do not let it face the toilet. I think you should know why.

#4- Fortune Tree

According to Feng shui, Money Plant (also called as Feng Shui Money Tree) is used to enhance the energy of wealth and prosperity in the Wealth and Money Bagua area (Southeast). When choosing a gem tree for your home or office, be guided by your own feelings as it is important that you like the colors, the crystals, as well as the overall arrangement of the crystal tree.

Where to place:

In feng shui the area connected to your money, or financial prosperity and abundance, is the Southeast area of your home or office. 

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