5 Feng Shui Benefits of Having Gold Around You!

In Feng Shui, all metals are associated with the planets in our solar system, but the one most auspicious of them all: Glittering, sun-infused gold! Gold, with its warm glow, represents the sun, the center of our solaor system and around which all other planets rotate, making it magnetic.

Golden objects are considered more auspicious because they have the sun’s yang energy infusing them and are considered more potent for magnetizing and attracting greater wealth. Even if platinum is costlier than gold, it’s gold that’s coveted by more individuals and nations, and is displayed as a source of power and wealth.

Gold is important because of its ability to generate water, or money and income, in feng shui. It’s also a symbol representative of heaven and heaven’s favor, and the sun’s magnetic pull. Use the color gold to create wealth and prosperity and to infuse your life it with gold’s powerful symbolic energy and magnetism. Here are 5 Feng Shui tips to get you started.

  1. Use gold to attract favor, heavenly assistance, helpful people and to initiate projects.

Gold is magnetic and attracts attention. This is the metal that can gain you favor, and draw helpful people and mentors to you. Wearing gold and displaying gold objects on your desk, for example, helps to attract powerful people to your side, giving you first shot at opportunities and making everything easier by opening doors for you.

  1. Carry a golden dragon.

Displaying a golden dragon or carrying one as a keychain or purse charm can add wonderful energy for making money, windfalls, and for opportunities to fall easily into your lap. Another good option is the piyao, the offspring of a dragon. The piyao is said to help you amass money because he eats gold and doesn’t excrete. Carry a piyao charm or wear jewelry with a golden piyao.


  1. Carry gold in your wallet.

Purchase a small gold ingot or coin to carry in your wallet or handbag to attract more money and help you make ever increasing income. If that’s not feasible, carry a bright gold three-tie coin in your wallet or handbag to boost your wealth attracting ability. Look for gold lining in your handbags or wallets for more auspicious energy.

  1. Activate the gold corner of your home.

In feng shui, the gold corner of your home is the northwest corner of the man of the house, or the breadwinner direction. This is also the direction of heavenly assistance and helpful people.

Placing an auspicious golden object here enhances the breadwinner energy, attracts a man if you are a single looking for a man in your life, and activates the helpful people sector which brings heavenly assistance to you. This is the corner, that when activated, makes life easier and more fruitful, curtailing struggles and adding opportunities. Add a golden shiny object here to activate this corner’s blessings.

  1.   Wear gold to attract money.

Beautiful glittering gold jewelry is warm and enhances skin color, and helps you attract wealth. Wear gold to important meetings and to look and feel wealthy and prosperous. If you have real gold, all the better. Look for gold jewelry and gold hardware on anything related to money, such as a handbag or wallet.

In fashion, gold with white, black and blue colors symbolizes the productive cycle of making money and creating opportunity. Gold is a metal that transmits energy and that creates the water energy in the colors of blue and black. When gold is paired with white, you have a combination that positively beams power and authority – and gets you attention of powerful allies.


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