What's the Relationship between Colors and Feng Shui Five Elements

In Feng Shui, different colors have different meanings and effect. From the perspective of the four directions and five elements of Feng Shui, each of the four directions of the house has its own suitable color. 

The East

The east direction is belong to the wood element. The suitable color for east side is green. Green is a very mild color, which gives people tranquility and comfort. It has the effects of reducing eye pressure, relieving eye fatigue, calming nerves, and relaxing the spirit.  The natural green color also helps relieve fainting, nausea, and negative pessimism. Therefore, hanging a few green pictures or other green ornaments on the eastern wall of the home, and placing some green plants in the eastern position, wooden cabinets, tables and chairs, will make the home full of life and make people feel infinitely peaceful and comfortable. 

In the five elements, water generates wood. Therefore, you can place some black or blue color items on the east side too. Black has the effect of clearing heat and calming, and has a good calming effect on moods such as irritability and insomnia. Blue also has the effect of calming and regulating nerves.

The West

The west is belong to the metal element. The color for west is white or yellow. White symbolizes pure dysfunction, giving people a sense of cleanliness and tidy, and also helps to maintain normal blood pressure. Some white tables, chairs and utensils can be placed in the the west side of the room. Yellow is the brightest color, symbolizing health. At the same time, yellow is the most easily absorbed color. It also symbolizes wealth. It also helps stabilize mood and increase appetite. Therefore, some yellow ornaments, such as citrine or golden ornaments, should be placed in the western part of the home, which can bring wealth to the owner of the house.

The South

The south belongs to the fire element. The color of south is red or green. Red is a more stimulating color, which can speed up blood circulation and invigorate the spirit, giving people enthusiasm and inspiration. Red can also be used to ward off evil spirits. In the southern part of the house, it is advisable to place some red ornaments or furniture, such as red tablecloths, red carpets, etc., which can increase the work and study enthusiasm. Green can also be used in the south of the house, which is helpful to the health and fortune of the owner.

The North

The north side is belongs to the water element. The color of north is blue, black or white. Black is noble and mysterious, has the effect of clearing heat and calming, suitable for matching with white and yellow. Blue helps regulate nerves and can treat insomnia. In Feng Shui, the North mostly controls the emotions and marital status between husband and wife. In the northern part of the house, the noble black color or mystery bluc should be used more to create a romantic and warm environment for couples and increase the relationship between the couple.


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