Feng Shui Spot That Could Affect Health In 2021

In 2021, the star incharge of illness lays on the north and east-west. The front doors of many people’s houses are facing north. The star of illness may bring you such bad luck and affect your health. Fortunately, this problem can be solved. You should avoid using red or orange carpet at the front door. Because, the star of illness is an earth element. According to the five element feng shui theory, fire will generate earth. You can put a Pixiu feng shui ornament in the front door or wear a Pixiu feng shui jewelry. By placing the Feng Shui Kai Guang Talisman Bag under the carpet at your front door. Inside the Talisman Bag, you can find sea salt, copper coins. Sea salt has the ability to protect from negative energy. The copper coin is metal element, according to the five elements feng shui theory, metal element can suppress the earth element (the element of the Illness star)

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