What Kind Of Material Would Make Pixiu MORE POWERFUL In Attracting Wealth?

Gold Pixiu: More powerful in bringing wealth, Good for business.

Since ancient times, gold has been a precious metal and the symbol of wealth. The Gold Pixiu has the strongest power to attract money and it is very suitable for business owners. It can facilitate the smooth transaction of business trade. Beside pure gold, there are gold plated and sand gold Pixiu. Gold-plated and sand gold are metals with the ability to attract wealth second to gold. It can also help the wearer to attract wealth. 


Black Obsidian Pixiu: Contains powerful energy, able to absorb and eliminate negative energy in the body.

Obsidian is formed by the cooling of volcanic lava. It contains extreme energy from fire and earth. It can help you stay away from negative and evil energies; Obsidian can absorb the negative energy of your body and inject new balance energy. Obsidian Pixiu could help you attract wealth and protect the wealth. It is suitable for people who are suffering from bad luck and need to change their luck and bring wealth.  


Citrine Pixiu: Strengthen rationality, Preside over the fortune, Bring unexpected wealth 

The brightness and chroma of citrine are excellent;The frequency of citrine energy can affect the human solar plexus. It can strengthen your rationality, preside over the fortune, and bring unexpected wealth. It can be well combined with Pixiu’s spirituality in attercting wealth. It is suitable for people who like to invest and play the lottery.


Hetian Jade Pixiu: Good for long wearing, good for women to wear.

Hetian Jade absorbs energy from the sun and moon. In Feng Shui, people believe it has spirituality that can combine and influence the energy of the human body, and balance your energy to make harmony with nature. Therefore, Hetian Jade Pixiu is the strongest kind to bring wealth, and it is also the easiest to nurture spirituality. The longer it is worn,the better it can bring wealth to you.


Tiger Eye Stone: Bring wealth,Preside over career luck  

People with positive and courageous personality will be more suitable for tiger's eye. This stone has the vitality of tiger, which can strengthen the operation of the wearer’s energy. Tiger’s eye stone can give the wearer the courage to forge ahead and break the routine. Tiger eye stone has a fortune-enhancing color, which greatly helps the wearer reach the peak of his career.


White Crystal Pixiu: Balance the energy of the human body

White crystal’s biggest feature is its "rightness", which can balance other aspects of energy. Wearing white crystal Pixiu can balance human energy, prevent villains from harassment, bring you peace of mind and stimulate potential magnetic fields. The combination of white crystal and Pixiu can give the wearer better judgment while the wealth is coming, so the wearer can better seize the opportunity.


Jade Pixiu: with the spiritual energy blessed by Buddhism

Jade is a very spiritual stone, it has a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body and can play a subtle role in regulating the body and mind. Jadeite is produced in Burma, the holy land of Buddhism. Jadeite Pixiu has religious significance and sacredness, it’s easier to get energy from Buddhism enlightenment. Combine Jade with Pixiu, while attracting wealth, it can maintain the balance of other fortunes.

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