People Who Is Suitable To Wear Pixiu:

1. Businessmen: Pixiu specializes in devouring gold and silver, it can only get in and can't get out. Therefore, it has the characteristics of attracting wealth and treasures and is deeply loved by merchants. Pixiu can attract more fortune, and further guard the treasury.

2. People whose income from gambling: Pixiu has strong ability to attract money from others. For some people who has been engaged in foreign exchange, stocks, lotteries, etc. for a long time, Pixiu will bring unexpected wealth.
3. People with bad luck: everyone's fortune is different, and numerology is also different. Many people will stagnate for a while, so Pixiu can help boost fortune and bring good luck.

4. People who often work at night: Pixiu is extremely fierce, and after enlightenment, he has a strong spirituality to protect the master from evil and seek good fortune. People working at night can wear Pixiu to drive away evil and protect themselves.

5. People who need to improve the relationship: Pixiu not only attracts wealth and deterring evil, but also promotes feelings. For family members and friends who need to improve the relationship, it is also suitable for wearing Pixiu. 

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