Pixiu VS Kirin: What Is The Different?

Both Pi Xiu and Qilin are ancient auspicious beasts with strong energy in Feng Shui. So can you tell the difference between Pixiu and Kirin?

The Look



Pixiu’s shape is like a tiger and leopard. Its head is looks like a dragon.It has a pair of wings on the shoulders but cannot be stretched, and the head has horns tilted back.  One of Pixiu’s horns is called “Pixie '' which can protect the household from evil and negative energy. The other horn is called “Tian Lu”, which can bring wealth. 



Viewed from its external shape, the Kirin combines lion head, antlers, tiger eyes, moose body, dragon scales, and oxtail in one; Kirin has a long life, it can live for two thousand years. In Feng Shui, people believe that Kirin can protect the household,increase the chance of having baby, and is a symbol of power and rich.   


Function Difference

Pixiu-The function of Pixiu in Feng Shui

1. Protect Household - Put the blessed Pixiu at home can enhance the Feng Shui energy and keep away the negative energy. 

2. Bring Wealth - Pixiu is helpful for bringing all kinds of wealth. Business owner can put Pixiu in the company or living room at home.

3. Resolve the problem of “Wuhuang Sha”- An evil or negative energy (click to learn more about it). Especially in reversing the bad luck of wealth.

Kirin-The function of Kirin in Feng Shui:

1. Kirin can enhance your career, improve popularity and social connections. Kirin is suitable for people with stable jobs. If you need to enhance your career, you should place Kirin on the east side. If you need to improve your popularity, please place the Kirin in the higher place in your living room.

2. Kirin is good at resolve the problem of evil and negative energy. Put the Kirin in the kitchen at home can help to keep you away from despicable people. It also can protect you from disaster, and stay healthy. 

3. Kirin can help to increase the chance of having a baby

Since ancient time, there has been a saying of “Kiring Song Zi” which means that Kirin will bring a child to you. Kiring can help to increase the chance of having baby. People who want to have a baby can place a pair of Kirin in their bedroom. 

4. Adjust the feng shui energy. If the corridor is facing the front door, then in feng shui, we call it “Chuan Xin Sha”. Which means the negative energy is piercing the center of the house. That will make the household unable to hold on to its wealth, and also bring bad luck to the family.  To solve this problem, you can place a Kirin at the end of the corridor or at the gate if the corridor in your home is not too long.  If you have a long corridor, you can place a pair of Kirin at the end of the corridor at the gate.


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