Five Sha Qi (Fierce Energy) In Feng Shui And Solutions

“Sha Qi” is a general term for the fierce energy currents on the ground. Generally speaking, it refers to energy and magnetic fields that adversely affect houses or stores. Sha Qi is mostly formed by the geographical location of the residence and the surrounding environment and buildings, such as neighbors’ corners, telephone poles, transformers, straight corridors or roads, and highway viaducts. These objects are prone to produce bad energy due to their characteristics and shapes, which affects the feng shui of houses or stores to a certain extent. The following are the common Sha Qi of species and the solutions.

“Dao Ren Sha” or the Blade Sha Qi

Description: There are buildings or objects such as wavy sheds in front of the house. This will become "Blade Sha Qi".

Impact: Accidents that cause injuries will be more likely to occur. 

Solution: You can place Dragon Turtle Feng Shui Ornaments in your home. The location needs to face the shed. In this way, the dragon tortoise can form a shield to block the Blade Sha.

“Tian Zhan Sha” or the Cutting Sha Qi

Description: The door of a house or shop faces the gap between the two buildings.

Impact: Affected by Cutting Sha Qi, quarrels between house members are prone to occur. If the stores are affected by Cutting Sha Qi, they will face poor business performance.

Solution: The cutting sha qi can be solved by placing Dragon Turtle Feng Shui Ornaments or  Ingots Feng Shui Ornaments in the home or shop.

“Jian Jiao Sha” or Sharp Corner Sha Qi

Description: The door or window of a house or store is facing the corner of the building.

Impact: The health of family members will be greatly affected by the impact of the Sharp Corner Sha Qi. Over time, family members will easily get some chronic diseases.

Solution: You can place a Pixiu Feng Shui Ornament in the window, or hang a Bagua Ornament to block the sharp corner sha qi.


“Qiang Sha” or Spear Sha Qi

Description: The door of the house faces a straight corridor or road. 

Impact: Family members are easily injured by accidents or get sick easily due to the impact of the spear sha qi.

Solution: It can be blocked by curtains or screens. In addition, you can also place Gold Ingots in the window, which can also increase business luck.

“Fan Guang Sha” or Reflective Sha Qi

Description: The house is often exposed to the reflected sunlight from the building's exterior walls, glass, and water surface, which will cause reflective sha qi. 

Impact: Long-term exposure to the impact of Reflective Sha Qi, family members will be easily injured by collisions.

Solution: You can put a light blocking film on the window, and then put the Gourd Feng Shui Ornaments in the middle of the window sill.


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