Three Major Forms of Pixiu You In Feng Shui

According to legend, Pixiu is one of the five great beasts. It symbolizes the earth element in the five elements. The legend said that Pixiu is one of the heirs of the dragon. It feeds on jewelry and wealth. It only eats and does not excrete. Therefore, in Feng Shui, people think that it can attract wealth and guard wealth.

Three common forms of Pixiu:

Pi Xie (Protect From Evil): The ancients often used this type of Pixiu to guard the mountains, forests and land. Now, this form of Pixiu can also be placed in the office or at home to increase wealth and protect the family.

Fa (Law and Order):In ancient times, this type of statue of Pixiu was placed at the gate of the government. The characteristic of this kind of Pixiu is that it has a horn in the middle of its head, which means fairness and justice. Now, this kind of Pixiu sculpture will also be placed at the front gate of the court. Place this kind Pixiu in your home or office can help you stay away from people who are with bad intentions, and also make it easier for you to get help from others.  

Bi Wang (King):In ancient times, rich people often used this type of Pixiu to

decorate their rooms. It has a big mouth, horns, a broad head, a Ruyi Ganoderma on the back, and stamped on a copper coin. This kind of Pixiu means to bring wealth.  Nowadays, this type of Pixiu is mostly used to make jewelry. Wearing a Pixiu Bracelet can bring you good luck and wealth.




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