The Best Feng Shui Welth Spot in A Living Room

Living Room Wealth Spot

There is the term "Wealth Spot" in Feng Shui theory. So how does the "Wealth Spot" of the living room need to be arranged?

The wealth spot in the living room is the Ming wealth spot. The ming wealth spot is used to attract wealth, which can attract wealth from outside the house to the house.

So how to determine the wealth spot?

First of all, your living room should be square, so you can easily find the wealth spot. Then, after entering the door, it must be the living room. Then, you can find the ming wealth spot at the diagonally opposite corner of the gate. If you enter the kitchen, you can’t find the wealth spot according to the above methods.

The wealth spot should be against the wall, so as to ensure that wealth will not be lost. If there are windows near the wealth spot, this window should be avoided to prevent the wealth from dissipating. The location of the wealth spot should avoid placing TVs, stereos, or items prone to vibration.

Wealth spot should be kept clean and tidy. Feng Shui ornaments such as braves, ingots, or vases can be placed in the financial position to attract and enhance wealth.

Placement of Living Room Furniture

It is not advisable to put too much furniture in the living room. If the living room is relatively small, do not put large sofas, dining tables, or bookcases. Because an overcrowded living room will make the flow of qi not smooth, which will affect the homeowner’s wealth.

The sofa in the living room is best to be placed against the wall, so it can gather the qi. If there is an empty space behind the sofa, it is easy to dissipate the qi of the person sitting on the sofa. Over time, it is easy to change into all kinds of minor illnesses. If there is an empty space behind the sofa, you can put a screen or low cabinet to solve this problem.

Living Room Decoration

  1. You can hang auspicious paintings

Flowers and thangka paintings can be hung on the wall of the living room as decoration. This can not only decorate the living room, but also increase the energy of Feng Shui.

  1. The lamp can be placed on the corner coffee table in the living room 

Placing a table lamp in the corner of the living room can be used as a lighting for reading, and it can also make people more innovative, and at the same time can enhance the fortune in the home. Therefore, the feng shui theory refers to the table lamp placed in the corner of the wall as a permanent lamp.

  1. Place bonsai or flowers

You can put vigorous green plants, flowers, or bonsai in the wealth spot to enhance the aura of the wealth spot. But do not place artificial flowers or plants. Although the shapes and textures of artificial flowers or plants are very realistic, they are not real life after all, and they cannot radiate declared energy.

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