Eight Feng Shui Taboos In Bedrooms That People Should Know

Bedroom Feng Shui

People have at least eight hours a day to spend in the bedroom. So, what are the taboos of Feng Shui in the bedroom? Below we will list the 8 feng shui taboos of bedrooms.

1. The bedroom area is too large

Feng Shui theory believes that if the house is too large and there are too few people, it will bring bad luck to the people who live in the house.  The human body is an energy body, which emits energy all the time. The larger the area of ​​the room, the more energy the human body consumes, which is not conducive to rest and sleep. So the best area of ​​the bedroom is 215 square feet. The shape of the bedroom is best square or rectangular. The polygonal shape easily creates a sense of oppression visually, thereby increasing the mental burden of people.

2. The bedroom door is facing the bathroom

Feng Shui theory believes that the bathroom belongs to the water element and has a lot of Yin Qi (negative energy). If the bedroom door is facing the bathroom, it is easy for the homeowner to suffer from waist and kidney diseases. At the same time, the bedroom door facing the bathroom easily affects the air quality in the bedroom.  If there is a bathroom in the bedroom, then the bathroom door should be closed.

3. The bedroom has a balcony or floor-to-ceiling windows

If the bedroom has a balcony or floor-to-ceiling windows, it will increase the energy consumption of people during sleep, making people prone to fatigue and insomnia. Feng Shui theory believes that if the bedroom has a balcony, then the fortune will enter the bedroom door and then slip away from the balcony. This way the homeowner cannot keep his wealth.

4. The headboard of the bed is against the window

Feng Shui theory believes that it is not good for the headboard of the bed to be close to the window. The window is a place for air to enter and exit, so the head of the bed close to the window will make people feel insecure and affect the quality of sleep.

The headboard of the bed should be against the wall, so as to avoid the anxiety caused by the empty space. The bottom of the bed should be kept clean and should not accumulate debris.

5. Mirror facing the bed

In Feng Shui theory, mirrors can be used to block and reflect Sha Qi. Placing the mirror on the bed may reflect the Sha Qi to the homeowner, causing him to have a nightmare. Furthermore, when a person wakes up from a dream and is unconscious, it is easy to be frightened by the self in the mirror.

6. The chandelier is directly above the bed

Feng Shui theory believes that the chandelier directly above the bed will cause the accumulation of Sha Qi, which is very detrimental to health. Psychological research has also found that if a chandelier is installed on the roof directly above the bed, it will cause psychological stress and affect health. Therefore, the roof above the bed should be kept open.

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