How Roses Keep Love And Trigger Passion In Feng Shui?

For feng shui consultant Nitu Patel, flowers are an essential feng shui part of her advice to global clients. It is no secret that flowers emit a magic elixir that both and soothes. So it’s no surprise that flowers are an ideal tool to effectively fortify the concept of feng shui and enhance the balance of yin and yang.

Roses are definitely considered the queen of flowers in many cultures. The pink and red color roses are sure the best ones to be used as a love and marriage feng shui symbol. Red roses are the best option for attracting more romance into your life. It is the flower of love and the color represents deep passion, true love, romance and desire. Go for the red rose since it means deep love and affection and has more of a passion vibe attached which is what you are going for here.

The peach colored ones represent comfort and stability, while the yellow roses bring hope into your home and nourish the spirit.

Wearing rose jewelry can keep love or trigger passion. So, girls! what are you waiting for? 

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