How Pearls Enhance Luck And Healing In Feng Shui?

Pearl is considered most auspicious and because of its availability from special sources under water , both sea and fresh water. Pearl can be worn by anyone and it has its effect by bringing peace, harmony and good luck. Pearls enhance integrity , focus and chastity. It has been considered auspicious and innocent stone. Pearls can be worn in any jewellery as in ear rings, finger rings and necklaces or traditional chokers.

Pearls bring prosperity,  wisdom, wealth, and saves from misfortune and healing. Being the stone of the moon pearl protects from diseases and brings good health and improves beauty and skin color. Pearls strengthens sexual chakra and improves functioning of heart and improves visual mind stimulation. If you are buying any pearl jewelry with the intention to enhance your Feng Shui energy then following are the two factors that you need to consider.

Essence of Pearls

Water, purity, fluid motion, and rare beauty are just some of the energy attributes of pearls. Subtle nourishment, flow, and flexibility are qualities also found in pearls. Created in the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk, a pearl is made mostly of calcium carbonate, which explains why some feng shui healers recommended wearing pearls as a subtle calcium supplementation for the body.

Pearls and Feng Shui Jewelry

When choosing any piece of jewelry, feng shui-wise, look at what a specific jewelry choice can do for your personal energy. Just like in a good feng shui house every piece of decor has a purpose 

Generally, pearls are excellent for people who need more water element energy, as well as for those who have a very fiery temperament and need more balance/ cooling down energy. Pearls are an excellent choice for women, especially young woman. The energy of pearls helps one align with a soft, feminine and very precious energy, a yin quality of energy that can also be powerful.

Pearls might not be a good choice for people who lack energy, vitality, or who go through a low energy period in their life. In this case, carnelian or hematite are much better choices.

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