How Kai Guang Works In Feng Shui?

What is Kaiguang or consecration? How Kai Guang Works In Feng Shui?Generally speaking, "consecration" is applicable to Buddhist and Taoist activities such as the completion of temples, the completion and placement of statues of Buddha or gods, and the placement of Buddhist scriptures and Taoist scriptures. According to the tradition of Buddhism, after the temples, pagodas and Buddha statues are completed, you must choose a suitable day and hold a salute ceremony to express the meaning of worship, settlement, etc.! 

Nowadays, the consecration ceremony is also widely used in Feng Shui. It can make Feng Shui jewelry and ornaments more spiritual and enhance their effectiveness.

In Feng Shui theory, everything falls into the five elements, and of course it will affect people. People choose figurative objects or precious cultural relics and ornaments, which are consecrated and injected with certain influential information as feng shui mascots to transform evil spirits, prosper luck, and promote wealth. 

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